Since its inception, USCDC has become increasingly united.  After all, that’s what Democrats try to do!

With our founder, Murray Kalish leading the pack, The West Delray Democratic Club’s officers and members combined forces to form the South County Democratic Club.  This new major force in the West Delray South County area soon counted over 2000 members and emerged as the largest Democratic Club in Florida.

1997 saw the entrance of the Atlantic Democratic Club into the mix. Its president, Herb Epstein negotiated the terms of the merger, and the name was changed to the United South County Democratic Club (USCDC) as it stands today.

With a large and far-reaching membership, USCDC represents over 40 communities and close to 100,000 residents.  Our monthly meetings draw Democrats from many of these communities, and our programs reflect current issues of concern as well as the officials who drive the legislative, administrative, and justice/law enforcement agendas in our county and state.  Our numbers and active participation in the political process give us a strong and influential voice that represents our communities.  An important function of the club is the communication between our county leaders and our members.  We love our Palm Beach County elected officials, enjoy their reports and presentations, and appreciate the feedback opportunities these meetings afford.  This is Democracy at work!

Our president, Ed Sol leads us in his wise and laid-back manner, and peacefully stewards the club along our journey.   Although we lost our dynamic and hard-working vice president, Harriet Sol, Ed and our board followed through in a way that would have made her proud.  We understand that our most precious responsibility is to engage our members in the electoral process by learning the facts, understanding the problems facing our country, and becoming activists working hard to get out the vote. We try to increase our voter turnout through the important vote-by-mail campaign, as well as early voting. Despite the abhorrent reversals posed by President Trump and his administration, we persevere to cultivate equality, justice, and our shared Democratic values.

The commitment of our club members and the heritage of leadership we have enjoyed will help prepare us for the changes in our society, and the broader, deeper, and more diverse needs of our people and our nation. Our work aims to make our world a better place to live, work, and play.  We invite you to join in the important endeavor to reverse the damage inflicted on Floridians and all Americans by unseating Donald Trump, defeating Rick Scott’s bid for Bill Nelson’s Senate seat, and restoring an agenda that will make life better for all.


President                        Ed Sol                                  [email protected]                              (404)312-9731

Vice President             Ken Sommers                [email protected]                 (561)509-9578

Vice President             Debra Kanter                  [email protected]                  (561)531-0114

Vice President             Nate Smith                      [email protected]                   (561)738-0508

Secretary                         Arnie Mollot                   [email protected]                              (561)302-3346

Parliamentarian           Bert Bauman                  [email protected]                (561)302-6571

Director                            Gil Hendler                     [email protected]                       (561)495-8752

Director                            Toby Solomon                 [email protected]                              (561)865-2405

Director                           Carol Estes                      [email protected]                   (561)499-5501

Treasurer                        Sandy Kravitz                  ————————-                              (561)499-5783

Legislative Aide          Felicia Goldstein             [email protected]             561-998-9045

Honorary VP               Lois Frankel                    www.frankel.house.gov

Honorary VP               Mary Lou Berger             [email protected]

Honorary VP               Emily Slosberg               [email protected]