Dear Friends,

I am glad that so many of you could join me at my Town Hall meeting on gun violence last month. It was

important for me to meet with you, hear your concerns, and discuss how we can, and must, move forward to make our schools and communities safer. Due to the tireless advocacy of the Stoneman Douglas community, we have already made progress that was previously unattainable. Their work has led to the passage of gun safety laws in Florida and in Congress and, perhaps more importantly, has inspired a passion in the next generation of voters to end the gun violence epidemic. These efforts should be applauded, but we still have a long way to go. The gun violence epidemic is a complex issue that must be addressed from many angles. We must ensure that everyone has access to affordable mental healthcare, that every school has the resources it needs to identify and respond to potential threats of violence, that those who should not have access to guns cannot get their hands on one, and that weapons of war are no longer on our streets. Please know that I will carry your concerns with me as I continue to fight in Washington

Warm regards,

Ted Deutch