Hope From the Depths of Shock and Sadness

We live in a violent world that appears to be spinning out of control. Every day, American adults and children become the victims of gun violence. Our federal government has no mechanism for fighting gun violence. We can argue that our founders considered the Second Amendment to mean that the right to bear arms serves the purpose of raising a militia against a tyrannical government. However, our Supreme Court decided that the right to bear arms refers to the right of individuals to own guns. The Supreme Court has spoken, so unfortunately, that is the law of the land.
We continue to see the growing use of guns, assault weapons, and seemingly unlimited supplies of ammunition. We have mass shootings at schools, theaters, and shopping malls. That must stop. Daily shootings of individuals rock our inner cities, while gun suicides and gun accidents in children continue to mount. These too, must stop. These tragic incidents shame us all.
The incidence of mass shootings has accelerated, and we know them by name: Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and now Parkland. Our hearts are breaking and our heads are exploding over the tragic shooting in Parkland and the fear it has stoked in our children and ourselves. We feel and express our deepest condolences to the families of each of the precious young people who were cut down at the threshold of their futures and the teachers who tried to protect them. Prayers and thoughts are appropriate, but far from sufficient. We must act.
The bravery passion, and eloquence of the Parkland teen survivors demonstrated truth to power and a wisdom beyond their years. They invoked a chant that has the powerful potential to reverse so much damage suffered by our democracy, and to change the laws and political direction that could save countless lives in the future. They chanted, “VOTE THEM OUT…VOTE THEM OUT!” Voting itself is heroic. And the political activism of these kids must lead us to indeed vote them out.

Donald Trump, his administration, his sycophants in Congress, and Florida Governor and wannabe U.S. Senator Rick Scott must be replaced. And we each have the power to make this happen. The process begins with this November’s midterm election, the first salvo in the fight to defeat the Republican juggernaut.
We must vote—by mail! And we must urge our friends, family, and neighbors to do the same. This is the the safest, most statistically successful way for Democrats to gain a significant advantage and win.
To check your Vote-by-Mail status or apply for the first time, call or visit the website of the Supervisor of Elections Office: 561 656-6200 or www.pbcelections.org.