Local Democrats in Action

It has been an extraordinarily busy week and I have been scrambling to keep up…frequently not very successfully.  Let me bring you up to date on the happenings since we last met and comment about our meeting last Tuesday night.

Last things, first…

To say that I was WOW’d by the numbers of people (72) who came to the meeting would be an understatement.  We were thrilled and excited by the realization that the movement to take back our country is growing each and every day.  Thank you for everything you do.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you.  We will take back congress on November 6, we will continue to win special elections across the country, we will continue to take back seats in the state legislatures and we will continue to take back governorships.  Our challenge will be to continue our activism, reach out to others so they can join the effort, register new voters, continue to write letters to legislators and the media, make phone calls when we must, expand our Facebook page which we use to communicate with one another and utilize the social media tools that Trevor spoke of at our meeting.  I always make it my business to meet and greet everyone who attends our meetings.  This meeting was so overwhelming that I never had a chance to do that and I apologize to those I did not get the opportunity to say “hi” to.

One year ago, in response to phone calls and emails and conversations filled with frustration and anger, we began our group with 65 neighbors and friends.  As of today our email list has grown to 284 and we have participants from seven other communities. 17 first time visitors joined us last Tuesday and we have had additional sign-ups since.  It is safe to say that more and more people want to be involved, to be contributing to the efforts, to stand up and be counted so we can rid ourselves of the cancer that is Trumpism.  It is now public knowledge that our White House has been turned into a “Pay to Play” building that serves no purpose other than to make the wealthy more so.  I don’t know if the “fish is rotting from the head down” or from the tail up, but in either case the president, his cabinet, the Republican Party is rotting before our eyes and it is up to us to speed up the process.  Thank you to all those first time visitors.  I sincerely hope that you continue to attend the meetings, contribute to change and be active whenever possible.  If you would like to start your own group and need a little help getting it off the ground we are more than willing to help but if you are not interested or can not begin your group for whatever reason,  please, please, please, stay with us.  You are now family and the door will always be open. 

We spoke about the importance of voter registration and the ongoing Vote by Mail campaign.  We must organize extensive voter registration drives with people being encouraged to never walk around without having voter registration forms in our cars, in our purses and on our persons.  Asking people where you shop if they are registered to vote is a community service and one that will pay dividends in the future.  We began a Voter Registration Committee at the meeting asking people to get involved in the process by manning a voter registration table available in our clubhouses.  Are all of our communities doing the same?  We should be.  Howie Feuer volunteered to chair the Cascade Lakes committee and coordinate with other communities when needed.  

The best of intents and the culmination of our work to register people to vote falls by the wayside if they do not cast those ballots.  Joyce Winston volunteered to chair the Get Out the Vote Committee which will help coordinate telephone efforts at the appropriate times.

After listening to Gregg Weiss making his case as to why he should be elected to the County Commission, District 2 (he is facing a primary) and letting him know that we are concerned about the preservation of the AgReserve and GL Home’s plan to build more homes than they are currently authorized, it was reassuring that he appears to be on the same page as we are.  Anyone interested in supporting his candidacy should contact him directly.

The shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has focused the nation’s attention on the issue of guns in America.  The kids have brought the subject to the forefront and have already brought about change.  Let me repeat, the KIDS have brought the subject to the forefront and it is up to us to help and support them in any way we can.  Brian Mast’s sudden change of heart regarding the banning of assault weapons and his call for licensing changes is terrific…but it is not enough.  The sudden calls for changes to Florida’s gun laws by Scott, Negron and Corcoran are positive steps that are okay but do not go nearly far enough.  They still refuse to address the issue of assault weapons.  Their proposals to put more and more guns into the schools by arming so-called “Marshals,” teachers, and ultimately find their way into society, is nothing more than them continuing to do the NRA’s bidding.  They truly are the NRA and other Gun Rights groups’ lap dogs.  Shame on them all and let us make certain that their shame is a one way ticket to them being either thrown out of office or rejected for new offices.

Several of the people at our meeting attended the MSD rallies in Ft. Lauderdale and Delray Beach and shared their observations.  Each commented about the emotions unleashed at the events: the overwhelming sense of sadness, the inspiring words of the kids ready to fight for it all, the pent up anger among those in attendance, the determination of everyone to make a difference.  This is grassroots democracy.  This is change and it is happening right in front of our eyes and we, you and I, are part of that change. We owe it to these kids and to those who follow and to those who follow them.

There are several demonstrations planned over the next few weeks.  These demonstrations are only the beginning of a movement that will change America.  It won’t be easy and will take time, but we are closer to changing laws than we have ever been before and we owe it to these kids.  

On March 14 there will be a seventeen-minute National High School walkout beginning at 10 am.

On March 24 there will be a “MARCH for OUR LIVES” rally in Washington, DC and in major cities across the country.  I have not seen additional details on those but will keep you informed.  The kids will be demanding that “all of the adults in Congress elected to represent us, pass legislation that will protect and save children from gun violence.”  Specifically they are asking that laws be passed that will ban the sale of assault weapons, prohibit the sale of high-capacity magazines, the closing of the loophole in our background check law that allows dangerous people, those who shouldn’t be allowed to purchase firearms to begin with, to slip through the cracks to buy guns online or at gun shows and that background checks be required on every gun sale, no exceptions.   

On April 20 there will be another High School Walkout beginning at 10 am.  For those who are interested in showing these kids that we have their backs, we can join them at the schools.

As discussed at our meeting, several communities are planning  local “community demonstrations” on March 24 in support of the “MARCH for OUR LIVES” rally in Washington.  I believe that the Cascades is planning a demonstration in front of their community at 11 am.   Cascade Lakes is planning a twelve noon demonstration in front of their community.  Both demonstrations will be focused on telling the world that “Grandparents Against Assault Weapons” is our message and we will be wearing white tee shirts that have those words emblazoned across the front.  Cascade Lakes is planning for a banner that will bear those words, or something similar,  as well as having smaller signs that express our feelings.  Joyce and Jack Golden will be holding a sign making party on March 15 at 6:30. Join us and feel the dedication

If anyone is interested in obtaining these shirts they can make checks payable to Marilyn Tupler.  The shirt sizes available are; medium, large, extra large and 2XLarge and the cost is $10 per shirt.  The shirt cost is $7 per with the additional $3 going to a fund in support of the students of MSD High School.  Marilyn’s address is 7233 Haviland Court Circle in Boynton Beach 33437.  The checks must be at her house no later than March 9, Friday, so please do not delay in writing and mailing your checks.

Jack Lippman volunteered to chair the new Gun Control Committee that is charged with the responsibility of identifying the multiple issues involved with the issue, coordinating the efforts within Cascade Lakes and working with other communities to unite our efforts.  We will be hearing from Jack and his committee within the next few days.  Jack will also be working with our public relations team of Joyce Winston and Nina Kuropatwa to have photographs taken of our demonstrations and to put out press releases.  Once we know that other communities are involved we can include those in the press releases.  Myra Schulemson will keep our Facebook page updated.

The petition drive that we began Tuesday has produced incredible results. Literally, dozens of sheets have already been returned, copied and mailed.  If anyone has picked up sheets and needs to hand them in they can be hand delivered to my house or mail to 11712 Derbyshire Lane, Boynton Beach, FL 33437.  They will be sent to the appropriate parties as quickly as I receive them.

Remember to join our Facebook page by going to Facebook, entering Democrats For Action in the search box and clicking on “join” on the page.  Mike Gentry, our Facebook guy, will sign you up.  

Co-chair Nancy Rowe continues to coordinate the efforts of all of the subcommittees making certain that we are all on the same page moving forward together.  Lisa Gentry, co-precinct captain for 5044, jumps in whenever and wherever she is needed and is a vital resource when it comes to gathering voter information.

Finally, we are not alone nor do we work alone.  We work closely with the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, Indivisibles, Women’s March, Tax March, League of Women Voters and every other group that shares our desire for change.  Only together can we create change.  November 6, 2018…247 days from now, we will take back Congress, we will take back state legislatures, we will take back governors’ seats and we will begin the process of taking back the presidency and America.

Thank you everyone.  You make me proud to be an American, proud to be an activist in a grassroots movement that will change the world and proud to know each and everyone of you.  You really are the best.



Bruce Brodsky

Democrats for Action

[email protected]

(561) 736-1329